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From script to final production.

From script to final production.


Consultation / Script / Budget

Do you have an idea for a video? If not, we'll figure it out together. We will provide the script of the video, including the location selection and the cast. We consult everything with the client to agree on every idea and detail. We will draw up a budget and optimize it based on possibilities and needs. We are always looking for the best option that will lead to satisfaction.

Production Crew

Production / Filming

We will assemble a production team that will ensure the best result on the set. We offer filming on professional film technology.

We keep our feet on the ground, but if you want we can also fly. We work with licensed drone pilots as well as FPV pilots.

Image by Onur Binay

Post-production / Final video

In the first stage, we compose the video according to the relevant script and give you a preview for feedback. Through gradual adjustments, we arrive at the dream idea and begin to create magic. The video goes through color grading, sound mixing, final cosmetic adjustments and is ready for final export.

Depending on the needs, we will also provide voice
over, infographics or animations.


Latest videos.



Meta Business Makeovers 2022

We created the video for Virtual Sport World from the script to the final color grading. In Virtual Sport World, you can try many interesting games in virtual reality, but above all the well-known Sense arena, which is also used by NHL players for training.

Client: Virtual Sport World
Director, Camera, Edit: A. Moravec
Lights, Asist: L. Marel
Cast: Petr Koukal


We create without limits.

We create without limits.


Promotion videos
TV, Online, Social Media
Music videos


Event videos
Conferences, parties


Wedding videos


Czech and foreign clients.

Czech and foreign clients

Kladské pomezí.png
Virtual Sport World_02.png
Město Dobruška_edited.png

And many others

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